We're more than just print...

All of our paper comes from carefully managed resources. Our two biggest paper suppliers are Mohawk and Neenah, who are both as committed as we are to long-term sustainability. Click their names above to see their efforts. We offer recycled content, chlorine-free papers made with at least 30% post-consumer fiber. We also offer 100% cotton paper from Crane & Company, which is made of recycled linen from the garment industry.

Many people think that paper use kills trees- But there are many reasons you should Choose Print. Though it may seem strange at first, the exact opposite is true. The majority of fibers used to produce paper come from woodchips, sawmill scraps, and recycled paper. The rest comes from trees grown in sustainable forests: 'Tree farms' which grow trees as a crop. The demand for paper gives those landowners a strong financial reason to plant more trees rather than sell their land for development or convert it to less environmentally friendly uses.

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